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At Chopt, we are a diverse group of food lovers who are obsessed with salad, who innovate in the kitchen, who love to serve, who operate with a sense of urgency, who smile uncontrollably, who think about food all the time, who take pride in being experts of our craft. We care about the future of fast food and its impact on the local community, the local farmers and food systems and the local workers who make up our team, too. That’s you.

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Your Chopt Journey

Like we travel to new destinations to source ingredients and inspiration for our salads, we want our employees to broaden their horizons, develop new skills, and reach for opportunities. The Chopt Journey Map has several itineraries that progressively take our Choprs to the next level in their career.  With each itinerary, Choprs have the opportunity to hone their skills, learn new ones, increase their responsibility and earn more money! The Journey Map is there for every Chopr to take advantage of. We take pride in mentoring, training and preparing our Choprs to reach for their next career milestones.

Where will your Chopt Journey take you?


Your Benefits

Culture of Choprtunity:
All of our general managers are promoted from within
Medical, dental and vision coverage provided for our hourly Choprs and Managers
Vacation Days:
Find balance between work and play with 56 hours of Paid Time Off for our Choprs and 2-3 weeks of PTO for our Managers
Pre-tax commuter benefits to support your journey every day
Work in a fun, engaging and supportive environment
Complimentary Chopt salads

Managing Partner Program: Culture of Choprtunity

Our Managing Partners not only continue to achieve our standards for food quality, hospitality, people development and profitability, but they also consistently demonstrate ownership of their restaurant. In exchange, the Managing Partner Program rewards these high performing operators with financial ownership. Managing Partners are given the opportunity to earn a percentage of profits from their restaurant. The end result is that these individuals have a real ownership stake in their stores and monetarily benefit from running highly profitable restaurants. In addition, Managing Partners receive other benefits such as paid sabbaticals and are provided with opportunities to mentor young managers.  As in everything we do, Chopt takes pride in breaking traditional molds and doing things better than our competition. With this in mind, we believe that our Managing Partner Program represents a better way to compensate our high performing General Managers.

benMeet Senior Managing Partner Benjamin Reyes

A few good words that describe Benjamin Reyes are passion and dedication to excellence. For years, Ben has been able to take his passion for Chopt and bring it to the table consistently everyday. He inspires and motivates his team to pursue excellence. No matter what challenges he encounters, he is always focused on giving the customer the best service and giving his team a great work culture. He is the definition of a passionate leader!

ramiroMeet Senior Managing Partner Ramiro Thlauetl

Ramiro started his career with Chopt in 2001. He has demonstrated success in his knowledge of every element of our operations.  He has tackled high volume restaurants and further improved their revenue and profit.  Even more impressive, however, is the vast amount of Choprs he helped to develop – to Shift Leader, to AM, and many all the way to GM. Many of our existing managers have worked with Ramiro and learned from him at some point or another and they all recall all of the valuable lessons he passed on to them. He is a dedicated leader and he epitomizes the essence of the Managing Partner Program which was why he was named the first MP when the program was implemented back in 2013.

dianaMeet Managing Partner Diana Apuango

Diana started with Chopt as a cashier and worked her way through the hourly ranks by demonstrating dedication, patience and a great work ethic. Over the many years Diana has been with Chopt, she has worked at several restaurants in the company and wherever Diana works, she is able to build strong relationships with her team while making a positive impact on the profitability of the business. Diana exhibits the true meaning of the Managing Partner designation because she works with resilience and determination and she has successfully grown the business at West 51st Street with her ownership mentality.  Diana always embodies Chopt core values and takes the BETTER philosophy to heart since she is always pushing to make her restaurant, her team and herself BETTER.

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