At Chopt, we are obsessed with how we can help Americans eat better. Within our restaurant walls, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making vegetable eating easy and delicious for the millions of guests we serve each year. Beyond those walls, we are just as dedicated to giving back to our communities and making universal access to real food a reality.

Helping Kids Eat Better

We believe that educating kids about their food choices is just as important as teaching them reading, writing and arithmetic. Through sponsoring field trips to community gardens, hosting educational demos or partnering with non-profits like Wellness in the Schools, we’re on a mission to help kids eat BETTER.

Chopt Gives Day

We celebrate each new restaurant opening by hosting a Chopt Gives Day.  During these events, we invite our community to enjoy free salads and salad sandwiches while raising proceeds for a local charity.

Suggest a Charity

Do you have an idea for a local charity partner for Chopt Gives Day? Would you like Chopt to contribute to your next fundraising event? Send an email to

Our Partners

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