At Chopt, we crave BETTER. Chopt is a community of food lovers whose curiosity leads us across the globe searching for faraway flavors with the same passion we look for local ingredients and local artisans. We explore the world’s cultures and food traditions to bring you the Caesars and Cobbs of tomorrow.

Farm-to-Fast Food™ Revolution

We believe the Chopt approach is the future of fast food. Fast food as an industry moved our country’s eating habits, agricultural practices and environment in a dangerous direction, and everyday we are driven by the same goal from which Chopt was first founded: to build a force of good and undo what fast food broke. For us, the future is not an afterthought. It’s the end goal we strive toward every day. Every decision for us is an intermediate decision toward that goal. We’re building a world where the fastest, most convenient, most accessible, most affordable food is healthy food, flavorful food, fine dining quality and creativity food, food that supports the local community, the local farmers and food systems, the local workers who are part of our team. If we do it well, there will be followers, more restaurants, more people like us. The food landscape will change. And then choosing healthy (healthy for you, for your family, for your community) will be a no brainer, the default. No counting calories or fad diets or thinking about what goes into your mouth except what you’re craving. No thinking about your food. Just enjoying it. The way it should be. Think about where else we can put our energies when that future is a reality. So it’s important for us to think of ourselves as “fast food”. Fast food messed up. We have to fix it.

Founding Story

When Tony Shure and Colin McCabe were in college in the Midwest, they were shocked to see the lengths students would go to beat their freshman 15. College kids seeking healthy options were standing in lines out the door for frozen yogurt in the middle of winter, or heading to the local pizza place just for the salad bar. Tony and Colin knew they could do better.

At a time when salads were considered by most to be just a side dish, Tony and Colin believed delicious, farm-fresh salads could take center stage. The lettuce would be cool and crisp, and the dressings would be made from scratch in small batches. The salads would be inspired by culinary traditions around the world, and chopped so that the textures and flavors came through in every bite.

More than a decade later, Chopt continues to innovate. As the first salad specialists, Tony and Colin are still looking for ways to push the boundaries of what a salad can be, looking ahead to a future where vegetable eating – and better fast food – is the norm.